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Example infrastructure consultancy and design packages

Audit and health check

How well do you know your network infrastructure?

Let NetThatWorks come in and give you a "network MOT". It is quick to complete with results that are easy to understand.

This is the best way to begin getting on top of your network.

Key benefits

  • Documented network overview;
  • Review of major bottle necks and service risk areas;
  • Clear "next steps" action plan;

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Vyatta routing solution

Vyatta Ready logoVyatta offers a powerful and cost-effective way to upgrade or expand your business network.

Sure, we support many other networking vendors, but so many of our clients chose Vyatta we have created this package specially!

Letting NetThatWorks deliver you Vyatta routing solution adds peace-of-mind to the already compelling feature list.

Key benefits

  • End-to-end solution provision from NetThatWorks;
  • Detailed up-front solution analysis and design;
  • Supply and provisioning of your new Vyatta routers;
  • Managed implementation, switch-over/on and run-in;
  • Post-live support for your run-in period;

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Network performance

Your network is a critical part of your business infrastructure. It needs regular care and attention to keep it performing at peak capacity.

Considering performance before it becomes a problem is the only sensible way to approach network engineering. This has never been more true as businesses becoming increasingly interconnected and instant digital global reach the accepted norm.

Our Performance package is designed to identify current and future bottle necks in your network and then remedy them.

Keep your network fast and effective so you can focus on growing and developing your business, not fire fighting infrastructure problems.

Key benefits

  • Understand current network utilisation levels;
  • Identify performance bottlenecks or potential failure points;
  • Appropriately plan for future capacity requirements;
  • Keep your digital business infrastructure in premium condition;

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Network strategy and support

Planning for the future is what makes business successful. Does your network strategy keep up and how effectively is it being implemented?

Thinking ahead with your network ensures your business won't be constrained in its growth and development. A well planned and implemented infrastructure is also more effective, efficient and reliable. It is also cheaper to implement and maintain.

Let NetThatWorks help you create and realise a network infrastructure strategy that truly aligns to your business.

Key benefits

  • Infrastructure strategy aligned with commercial business strategy;
  • Defined strategy realisation plan and regular review;
  • Full implementation management and support from NetThatWorks;
  • Reduced long-term capital and operational costs;

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Where do I start?

Our Network Audit and Health Check will introduce you to NetThatWorks and the value we can deliver.

You will benefit from the following:

  • Clear overview of your current network infrastructure;
  • Identification of any major bottlenecks or potential failure points;
  • Clear recommendations for next steps;

You will also get to see NetThatWorks in action and experience how we can work with your business and your internal IT teams.

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Because one size doesn't fit all...

At NetThatWorks our solutions can be as individual as the businesses and networks they service.

Photo of fibre patch cables terminating together

Every business is different. Tell us what problem you are trying to solve and we will tailor a package to fit your specific needs.

By building on robust and established foundations, you can have the confidence that your NetThatWorks solution will deliver you the very best network design, engineering and support.


Further information

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