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How to buy Vyatta from NetThatWorks

Vyatta Ready PatnerAll our Vyatta solutions are fully backed by the Vyatta Ready programme.

This is your guarantee that our solutions are certified and accountable.

As members of the Vyatta Ready programme, NetThatWorks is an active voice in the Vyatta user and developer communities. We are committed to getting the very best out of Vyatta for our customers.

Vyatta, in turn, is committed to providing us with the very best products to help us do that.


Open quoteVyatta has designed the "Vyatta Ready" program [sic.] to help value added resellers and system integrators offer Vyatta's innovative and affordable networking products. "Vyatta Ready" partners are trained to sell and install and empowered with the tools and technology to deliver their customers a new level of choice and control in their networks. Close Quote

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Basic Vyatta Software Subscriptions

As the leading Vyatta Ready Reseller in Europe we can provide fully certified Vyatta software and hardware. We will also provide advice and guidance on which Vyatta solutions are most suited to your business.

Our basic Vyatta software subscriptions include as a minimum:

  • Implementation planning health check - our team will run through a number of basic checks with you to ensure your planned implementation is matched to the appropriate Vyatta product and subscription;
  • Certified Vyatta software subscription - we only provide officially certified and backed Vyatta products;
  • Proactive update notification direct from Vyatta - ensuring you have proactive notification of, and priority access to, all patches, bug fixes and software releases;
  • Email support - we are available on-call via email 9:00am - 5:00pm GMT to answer all your Vyatta questions, backed by a knowledge of your specific Vyatta installation footprint;

Subscriptions are contracted on an annual basis inline with the master Vyatta solution subscriptions.

Vyatta software editions: Core, Plus and SE

Weather you need a single Vyatta Professional subscription or are looking for multiple devices with Vyatta Premium subscriptions we can help.

Fully Managed Vyatta Solutions

Photo of a network engineer in action

When your Vyatta product lies at the heart of a network infrastructure that keeps your business working it becomes more than simply software. It is the life-blood of a modern connected organisation.

Incorporating our established Network Support and Management expertise, these solutions provide you with a number of significant benefits over a Basic Vyatta Software Subscription:

  • Vyatta architecture design - ensuring your network infrastructure is fit-for-purpose and properly structured to get the most from your Vyatta products;
  • Active network monitoring - incorporating a range of different performance and availability measures, our optional monitoring solutions will alert you and us of any current or potential issues on your network;
  • Extended email and telephone support - tailored to your business we can be on-call up to 24x7;

If you are looking for more than just a Vyatta reseller then a Fully Managed Vyatta Solution from NetThatWorks is for you.