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Vyatta Solutions from NetThatWorks

NetThatWorks is taking advantage of Vyatta to revolutionise the network infrastructure solutions of our customers. We recommend and implement Vyatta because it is a software-based, open-source, network operating system that is portable to standard x86 hardware as well as common virtualisation and cloud computing platforms.

Vyatta allows us to design the perfect balance of scalability, performance and cost.

A Vyatta Solution from NetThatWorks means you benefit from:

  1. Leading Vyatta network architecture design;
  2. Pain-free, minimum impact implementation and commissioning;
  3. Robust and proactive on-going maintenance and support;

All this comes with the confidence of working with our network systems architects and engineers who are actively involved in driving Vyatta's product development. A product that connects and protects thousands of physical and virtual infrastructures around the world, from small enterprise to FTSE100 customers.

The Power of Open Networking

Diagram showing high-level Vyatta solution architectureWe agree with Vyatta: open and flexible networking is a requirement for today’s evolving network. For the first time in two decades the industry is experiencing platform shifts that are dictating that networking be delivered as a software solution:

  • Network edge: Special-purpose devices are giving way to multi-function, integrated solutions;
  • Data centre: Infrastructure shifting to the cloud requires flexible networking and security;

Vyatta’s software-based approach to networking embraces these trends and is a superior alternative to proprietary hardware-based devices.

The Vyatta Advantage

Network Right-Sizing:

As a single network OS that scales up and down to meet your requirements, Vyatta puts the freedom in your hands to right-size your network as needed. Using readily available off-the-shelf systems and components, Vyatta breaks the “box lock” model of proprietary hardware vendors and allows you to drive as little or as much performance as your network requires.

Hardware Price/Performance:

Standards have turned networking into a server workload. Today x86 hardware can easily outperform proprietary network devices at a small fraction of the cost. And the x86 universe means that faster systems at lower price are always on the horizon.


Vyatta gives you the optional power of running networking functions as a virtual machine. Whether it’s VMs at the network edge or VMs in the cloud data centre, Vyatta radically increases your infrastructure flexibility and produces a substantially higher ROI than proprietary solutions.

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Vyatta: Open Networking

Leading Vyatta solution expertise

Vyatta Ready Reseller logoNetThatWorks is Europe's leading Vyatta Ready Reseller and solution provider. We offer the most to-date and in depth Vyatta expertise in the EU. Our close engagement with Vyatta sees us contribute directly to the design and testing of their product.

All our Vyatta solutions are designed around the full life-cycle: concept design to on-going maintenance and support.

This means we can get the very best out of Vyatta for your business.

Reference sites

Vyatta solutions from NetThatWorks have been used in many different scenarios. These include:

  • Global wide area corporate network infrastructure;
  • Distributed in-country branch-office network;
  • International data centre core infrastructure;

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How to buy

With a range of different product solution from Vyatta it can be easy to become lost. As a Vyatta Ready Reseller, NetThatWorks can guide your solution selection and manage the supply.

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Portions of the content on this page has been reproduced with the kind permission of Vyatta Inc.