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NetThatWorks has designed and implemented Vyatta Solutions across the globe. These are just a few examples of the scope and diversity of those solutions.


Implementation: High-performance Internet transit routing solution based on Vyatta boxes. Built and configured by NetThatWorks. Commissioned to replace aging Cisco equipment that was at capacity with no cost-effective upgrade path.


With over 14 years of experience, IDNet provides high-performance Internet and Telecom solutions for business and home office users throughout the UK.

Open quoteNTW has provided a solution which vastly outperforms our Cisco kit and at a much more palatable budget. They also managed the migration and training for us. We are so pleased with the result that we plan to extend the programme and will definitely be staying with NTW.Close Quote

Simon Davies, Director, IDNet


Implementation: New national BGP routing infrastructure built on resilient Vyatta boxes. Built, configured and deployed by NetThatWorks. Commissioned to extend network capacity and reach to multiple transit partners across the county and Europe.


WarwickNet provides specialist Internet connectivity services to customers ranging for national enterprises to Science and Business Parks.

Open quoteWhen it came to building a major new component of our international network infrastructure our first choice was NetThatWorks. They knowledge and expertise in Vyatta solutions made them the obvious choice to work with our own network architects and engineers on this critical network expansion.Close Quote

Alexander Craig, Director, WarwickNet




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Benoy Architects

Global network infrastructure design, implementation and management for an international architectural practice.

Update and extend global inter-office network provision into the Far-East and Asia.

New Vyatta core backbone infrastructure, resilient international transit negotiation and on-going support, maintenance and up-grade programme.


Open quoteThe team from NetThatWorks have exceeded our expectations at every stage of our engagement with them. They have enabled us to implement a world class global corporate network and have the confidence that it will keep up with the significant commercial demands of our business.Close Quote

Mark Woodhouse, IT Director, Benoy

The requirement

Benoy is an international firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers with a team of nearly 400 people working in design studios in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

As the firm continues to expand, it has become critical that the IT infrastructure keeps pace. Connecting studios across the globe supports collaboration and resilience. However, with large CAD and image files being regularly shared half-way across the world the challenges are substantial.

NetThatWorks has created a network infrastructure master plan for Benoy. Work is on-going in partnership to deliver and maintain the new network.

Core solution components

  • Resilient Vyatta-based core network infrastructure;
  • Localised fully managed intra-office networks;
  • Inter-office network traffic shaping and management;
  • On-going maintenance and support provision including regular strategy and architecture reviews;

Solution profile

Benoy wanted a fluid and accessible solution from NetThatWorks. Provision is based on a simple retained services contract, designed to ensure adequate provision for basic infrastructure management as well as additional out-of-hours support where required.

Supplementary project implementation commissions are agreed where appropriate. this gives Benoy the flexibility to draw additional support and expertise when required for major infrastructure initiatives.

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

High-performance data centre Internet transit implementation for an intergovernmental forecasting and research organisation.

Implement new transit routers to replace an existing Cisco 7206 installation, enabling an upgrade to a 10Gbps Internet connection and support sustained high throughput traffic demands.

Supply and provision a pair of cluster Vyatta routers, migrating the existing Cisco configuration and managing the service switch-over.


Open quoteHaving looked at solutions based on both Cisco and Juniper we identified Vyatta as a much better balance of cost, performance and risk. Vyatta offered us the same performance and an equivalent features set for about a tenth of the cost!

In migrating our existing Cisco configuration to the new Vyatta platform, NetThatWorks invaluable support and expertise.

We now have a new, highly cost-effective, transit solution that will continue to grow to meet the demands of our users. We would happily recommend both Vyatta and NetThatWorks.Close Quote

Remy Giraud, Head of Network Security and Grid Computing, ECMWF

The requirement

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organisation supported by 31 States.

ECMWF operates a large computing facility including supercomputers, data archiving systems and networks.

As demand for the services of ECMWF continue to expand so does the demand on the various networks used to deliver those services. Following successful evaluation of Vyatta, ECMWF was keen to roll-out planned upgrade and expansion of the core Internet transit link carrying traffic from it supercomputing facilities to partners across Europe.

NetThatWorks validated the solution design devised by ECMWF before implementing the new routing infrastructure. Working with ECMWF staff, the old Cisco configuration was migrated to a resilient set of Vyatta devices which were then deployed to the critical Internet transit point of the network.

The Vyatta routed interconnect now carries and average of between 800Mbps and 1.2Gbps of traffic with peak capacity headroom up to 10Gbps.

Core solution components

  • Resilient Vyatta-based core Internet transit;
  • On-going maintenance and support provision;

Solution profile

The project was proposed and commissioned as a fixed price consultancy engagement. This allowed ECMWF to ensure the work was appropriately scoped and budgeted before commencement.